Prophetic Jazz

Prophetic Jazz is a collection of songs that have both structure and flow.  There is an element of prophetic fluency that creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to speak and move.  This CD, along with Waves of Glory, are used to provide background music for personal prayer, corporate prayer services in churches and ministry music for smaller churches and itinerant ministers.  It is also used to provide a peaceful atmosphere for counseling sessions.  I’ve even heard testimonies of mothers using it to help their small children go to sleep at night, even overcoming nightmares!  Others have testified that the music has helped bring clarity of mind in hearing His voice, physical healing, and greater personal freedom.  My prayer is that Prophetic Jazz will be a tool in the hands of God to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, between God’s heart and yours!

To listen to a sample CLICK here: soundcloud/propheticjazzsampler

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