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Big Brother is Watching but God is Watching too

     Most of you are probably aware of George Orwell’s famous book “1984,” which was written in 1949.  That book warned about the dangers of totalitarian governments with “Big Brother” scrutinizing every move of the people to make sure they didn’t express individuality that contradicted what was expected of them.  If you haven’t noticed, our freedoms have been violated as of late, all in the name of safety.  For instance, our Freedom of Speech is being censored on a regular basis if what we express doesn’t support the narrative coming from Silicon Valley or mainstream media.  There’s a double standard at work here, a hypocritical agenda that presents lies as if they’re true and shuts down truth that could expose the web of lies. 

For quite a few decades actually, we’ve been slowly inching our way away from true democracy and capitalism, and closer to socialism, which ultimately will evolve into a more totalitarian government if not stopped.  The middle class is growing smaller and smaller while government is growing bigger and bigger, and more and more people are becoming dependent on the government for their survival.  Despite our government still being an official democracy, it has functioned differently than intended and has thus produced less then desirable results, much due to those in positions of authority who have abused their power to further an agenda that is not in the best interest of the people.

Hopefully you’re “woke” by now.  The alarm clock has been going off for a couple months with the current crisis glaring at us in the face, but some keep pressing the snooze button.  They’re hoping this is all a bad dream.  Nope, this is real.  A tsunami wave that has been moving towards us beneath the ocean’s surface for some time now has just gained enough momentum to become visible.  Some have warned about a shadow government, a deep state, a group of global elitist technocrats who currently control more than we’re aware of and who want to ultimately control the whole planet, but most people write all that off as a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories. 

Well, let me ask you a question.  What do you think Satan and his high ranking principalities and powers actually do for a living?  What is it that they’re trying to achieve from day to day?  Are they randomly messing with people’s lives for fun or do they actually have a strategy to accomplish something specific?  I believe the latter to be true. 

Scripture says that “the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy” but specifically what is that referring to?  Of course, he wants people to be killed without having a relationship with Christ and to kill Christians before their time.  And he loves to steal the health and finances of believers, etc.  But let’s peer a little closer for some understanding of Satan’s mode of operation because it has everything to do with those seeking to rule the planet at this very moment… 

In the garden of Eden, Satan sought to deter man from his purpose by undermining his relationship with God. Satan knew that if he didn’t gain the upper hand in the garden where man was being trained to rule the earth, that man would come into his dominion mandate and make his life miserable on planet earth. In other words, Satan desired to be in control so he wouldn’t be controlled. He wanted to dominate so he wouldn’t be dominated. He knew why God created man and he tries everything in his power to hinder man’s purpose to prolong his evil influence.

Man was created in the image of God but sin perverted that image to resemble Satan. Man was created to rule the earth as God rules the heavens, but sin not only separated man from God, but also separated him from fulfilling his purpose. Sin gave Satan legal ground to rule in the earth realm, at least to the degree that sin allows him to.

When Jesus hung on his cross, I can just imagine Satan and his high ranking principalities licking their chops. They thought they had killed God! But they had been duped into cooperating with the sovereign will of God to redeem mankind from the effects of sin and to reposition man into his dominion mandate. Previous to Jesus rising from the dead and declaring that all authority in heaven and earth was now his, Satan tempted Jesus to worship him in exchange for the kingdoms of this world. Jesus didn’t argue that the kingdoms of the world weren’t Satan’s to give. He simply refused to worship him. It wasn’t until the cross and the empty tomb that Jesus could accurately proclaim that All authority in heaven and earth were NOW his and therefore he commissioned the church to carry out what we call the Great Commission, which is really a reinstatement of the original purpose laid out for mankind in Genesis 1:26-28.

The currency of control is fear. So Satan’s attempt to control the world system by positioning principalities and powers in regions to influence culture, ultimately blinding the minds of people so they can’t see the truth, is all based on the fear that he will be put in his place which is under our feet. But the way Satan influences culture is through influential people in the earth realm that cooperate with him to perpetuate lies. Satan lures people into being his puppets with many fleshly perks such as wealth, power, sexual gratification, etc. And there’s always some who go for the bait and aim to control others on behalf of Satan and his principalities. We would call them antichrists as the apostle John mentioned in his first epistle, referring specifically to the Roman leaders who were flexing their control muscles around the world in that era.

May i submit to you that we’ve just stepped into a season similar to when Jesus was on the cross? Things don’t look so good, but there’s a resurrection on the way! Remember that Satan is still God’s devil. God is still on the throne. God is large and in charge!! God causes ALL THINGS to work together for our good. So it doesn’t matter who the current coup consists of who are flexing their control muscles in virtually every nation of the earth in this season. God has a method to the madness! He doesn’t cause evil but He sure enough knows how to bring about good out of the worst of situations!

I saw a vision last year of puppets with strings of control attached that made a lot of sense. I saw Satan pulling the strings of principalities and powers who pulled the strings of influential people in the earth who pulled the strings of culture, which pulled the strings of the masses. And the masses included much of the church sadly. But I also saw a remnant of believers who cut ungodly strings of control because they refused to be conformed to this world. And I also saw that God had strings on Satan himself! I realized that there’s nothing Satan can do independently of God’s sovereignty.

So here we are, being watched by a developing Big Brother. But rest assured, Big Brother is being watched by our Heavenly Father! It’s been prophesied that a Third Great Awakening is upon us and I believe it has already begun. No, not with filled stadiums. But God is waking up a sleeping giant through the agenda of the globalist elite. We’re awaking to our dominion mandate because the freedoms that seem to be slipping through our hands are reminding us of our true identity. We’re called to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. And we find ourselves in a world that considers the church “non-essential.”

You might take offense at the government for not deeming us to be more important in times like this, but if we were doing our job there would be no question about whether we’re essential or not. So rather than cop an attitude with government or the deep state, let’s let the Spirit do a deep work within us. God is waking us up to the things we’ve been tolerating that we’re supposed to dominate. He’s waking us up to how we’ve conformed to the culture around us instead of being transformed by Kingdom Culture. What God is doing within us in this season will create a momentum, not simply to stand up for our constitutional rights, but to take a stand in our land for the increase of His Kingdom!

So here’s what’s about to go down: Satan is seeking to control more and more through those working the closest with him, but eventually there’s a straw that breaks the camel’s back. When Pharaoh increased his control in the lives of the Israelites by increasing their daily requirements to bake bricks, he pushed them over the edge, causing them to cry out to God for deliverance. They knew they had a better destiny than what they were currently living. God heard their cries and sent them a deliverer. Ultimately, because Pharaoh was afraid the Israelites would join their enemies and overcome them, he increased control over the Israelites. But this all played into the sovereignty of God to deliver His people from a culture that had entangled them and prepare them to enter their promised land, kick the giants out in their dominion mandate and experience the never-ending increase of His Kingdom.

Big Brother is watching, but he has strings on his back that are being pulled by God Almighty! The devil is God’s puppet!! God will have the last say in all of this, no doubt about it! So press into God in this season like never before. God is stirring our desire to be delivered from a culture that controls us more than we know, to enter into the fullness of our inheritance and to put the devil where he belongs, which is under our feet!!

I want to encourage you to join Maximum Exposure which begins tonight at 7 pm EST. It is designed to bring exposure to the influence of principalities and powers in the world AND in the church! If we don’t see things from heaven’s perspective we will assume everything is normal, not realizing we’ve been entangled in a cultural web that greatly hinders our ability to be who God has called us to be and do what God has called us to do, which is to kick some devil butt!!!

The first of 9 sessions will be broadcast tonight @FB LIVE at 7 pm EST on my personal page but you’ll have to sign up to join us for the remaining sessions. I can’t use Facebook Live for the entire course simply because they would get censored and I refuse to allow Big Brother to shut my mouth in this season! Let’s shout from the housetops what God speaks to us in secret. Please share this with your friends and followers as i believe it will be a great blessing to them! For more information about Maximum Exposure click on this link: https://kingdomculture.life/maximum-exposure/

You can sign up for Maximum Exposure by clicking on this link:


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