Kamikaze Christians

Radical Islamic Terrorists have demonstrated far more courage and commitment to their cause than most believers have shown for the cause of Christ. That’s because most American Christians live in a Christian bubble where they reject anything and everything that challenges their addiction to comfort and convenience, assuming that anything that doesn’t feel good can’t be God. But they’ve forgotten about Jesus’ command to deny themselves, pick up their crosses and die daily. That just doesn’t fit into a theology of pleasure.

Islamic Jihadists have demonstrated qualities that many Kingdom citizens and ambassadors lack today, such as total submission to God’s authority, radical obedience to the Law, reckless abandonment to the cause and the joy of personal sacrifice for the greater good. The Kingdom of God beckons Kamikaze Christians to show just as much courage to take a stand for the Truth as terrorists take a stand for lies!

The LGBTQ+ movement has also demonstrated some qualities that the church has for the most part lacked either due to poor theology or apathy, such as a long-term determination to change the world, infiltration into every fabric of society with their ideologies and a relentless pursuit of inch-by-inch progress in their mission. Once again, let me say for the record that it’s time for Kamikaze Christians to stand up for the true cause of Kingdom Advancement in the earth!

When you take a step back and see the progress that both Islamists and the LGBGQ+ movement have made in the last 60 years, this can be a bit disheartening, but at the same time encouraging because as we engage in our mission using the same Kingdom principles they are using, there’s no stopping the advance of the Kingdom! They have demonstrated how a small minority can revolutionize the world around them using Kingdom principles, although perverted. We can do the same and even more!!

The truth is, we have some momentum too, even though it might not be obvious to some. God’s been working beneath the surface to prepare us for this season of apostolic breakthrough and conquest! No weapon formed against us can prosper! Not only will the enemies’ plans to contain the church utterly fail, but we’re breaking out of the containment to go on the offensive to take back our land for God! The gates of hell cannot prevail against us as we pursue the expansion of Kingdom dominion in the earth for the glory of God!

Calling all Kamikaze Christians to duty!!! It’s time for a generation of believers who “love NOT their lives to the death” to rise up without fear and full of courage to do whatever it takes to see societal transformation. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof.” Ain’t no devil gonna take what belongs to my God!! Not on my watch, not on your watch! Let’s embrace our cross, which will make our apostolic conquest possible and inevitable in the face of danger.

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