Kingdom Culture Institute

Kingdom Culture Institute takes 30 years of combined Bible School and ministry experience and makes it accessible through biblical, practical, relational and revelatory teaching. This online school of ministry is designed to lay biblical foundation in those who feel called into ministry, for leaders in ministry who never had any systematic ministry training and for experienced leaders who are updating their ministry wineskin to be congruent with Kingdom culture.  

     It is also beneficial for elders and ministry workers in local churches who want to improve their spiritual understanding and effectiveness in ministry.  Senior leaders may want their staff and lay leaders to take these classes to improve productivity. The advantages of this (KCI) as opposed to sending them off to a Bible college is continued relationship, ministry involvement in the local church and financial support remaining in the senior pastor’s church instead of somewhere else.  

     In addition to teaching, this online school will feature time for Q&A at the end of every class, references for additional study material (Scripture and books) for those hungry to learn more on their own and homework assignments/tests. This will not be a strictly academic environment as much of the material wasn’t learned in a classroom but in real life ministry experience.  So in addition to biblical knowledge there will be plenty of wisdom imparted to prepare others in ways formal training doesn’t normally address.  Plus there will be occasional prophetic ministry, prayer, etc. 

     Classes will be Mondays and Tuesdays from 7-9 pm EST.  All classes will be archived so students can access them later if their schedule doesn’t allow them to be in the live class or if they simply want to reinforce what was learned previously.  Those watching the archived classes can still submit questions that will be answered at the beginning of the next class. 

     KCI is divided into 4 categories with 8 classes pertaining to each category, also with a spring and fall semester.  Each semester maintains the 4 categories but with totally different classes.  Here’s the schedule for the Spring Semester (Jan-April 2020)  The first Monday class of each category is FREE but still requires registration at the online bookstore.

A.  The Mission of the Church

  1. What is Church?  
  2. Kingdom Culture
  3. Church Government
  4. Dimensions of Church
  5. 5 Fold Synergy
  6. Church History
  7. Reformation
  8. 7 Mountain Theology

B. The Message of the Bible

  1. Origin and Overview of the Bible
  2. Bible Study Methodology
  3. Hermeneutics
  4. Pentateuch 
  5. The 4 Gospels
  6. Acts
  7. Paul’s Epistles
  8. Hebrews

C. The Minister of the Gospel

  1. Establishing a Prayer Life
  2. Character Matters
  3. Spiritual Covering
  4. Discovering and Developing Gifts
  5. Breaking Generational Curses
  6. Managing Time, Money & Health
  7. Flowing in the Supernatural
  8. Maximizing Relationships

D. The Ministry of the Word

  1. Apostolic Ministry
  2. Prophetic Ministry
  3. Preaching & Teaching
  4. Pastoral vs Itinerant Ministry
  5. Global Missions
  6. Church Growth
  7. Religious Politics
  8. Writing Books & Songs

Summer Intensive Classes (Kingdom Culture  May 13,14 / Acts  June 10,11 / Prayer Life  July 15,16 / Prophetic Ministry August 12,13)

Fall Semester (Sept 7-Dec 22, 2020)


$99 – 8 class session   $349 – Spring or Fall Semester (32 classes)

$649 – both semesters (64 classes & FREE Summer intensive classes)

$29 – Summer session   $99 – All 4 Summer sessions (8 classes)

Classes are FREE for senior leaders who refer at least 3 people from their church/ministry who purchase sessions (let us know if that’s you)

Purchase KCI Sessions at or at Bo’s booktable

For more information, email us at

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