Kingdom Culture Partners

     Bo Salisbury has ministered in 34 nations over the last 27 years, penetrating various cultures with the truth of Kingdom culture that has produced 1000’s of salvations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, miracles and deliverances, not to mention timely prophetic words to churches, leaders and regions. He has ministered in 100’s of leadership conferences, open air crusades, prisons and churches in the USA and around the world. Through Kingdom Culture International (KCI) many churches, orphanages and leaders have also been recipients of food, clothing, medical supplies and financial assistance, especially in 3rd world nations. 

     Team ministry has always been an integral part of Bo’s ministry over the years as he often takes others with him for discipleship, ministry opportunities and ultimately to multiply Kingdom impact wherever the mission takes them.  That’s what spiritual synergy is all about: doing more together than we can do on our own.  Financial support for these missions has largely been on the shoulders of Bo, as only a handful of individuals and churches have supported them in the past. Moving forward, there is a great need for financial support for KCI, not only for foreign missions but also for ministry opportunities in the USA.  

     In addition to many ministry opportunities in 3rd world countries, Bo has a mandate to encourage leaders in the USA on a personal level. Church leaders today to be encouraged, discipled and ministered to prophetically. Many young pastors and especially those planting new churches often don’t have the resources to bring in guest ministers to help them build.  Financial support to KCI enables us to invest in these leaders, helping to protect them in vulnerable times from depression and discouragement and to provide much-needed encouragement, wisdom and prayer to see God’s Kingdom increase in their lives and through their ministries. 

     The strongest mandate on Bo’s life moving forward is to initiate and facilitate the ongoing development of what many refer to as Ekklesia, which consists of various church leaders in specific regions of the earth that connect in relationship, cross pollinate in gifts and revelation, and cooperate in Kingdom activity to ultimately overcome principalities and powers that have been for the most part unchallenged.  A house, city or kingdom divided cannot stand. As long as we allow religious competition and ungodly control to rule the landscape of the church, we forfeit the influence of the culture to the enemy.  But as God’s church unites, starting with a remnant of its pioneering leaders, the Kingdom of God gains momentum in regions enabling the church to fulfill the 7 mountain mandate and for regional transformation to take place. 

     Please pray about partnering with us to see Kingdom Culture increase in the hearts and lives of leaders, in churches and in nations around the world!  We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support!  We share pertinent prayer requests with those who are committed to pray for us and newsletters to inform our partners of the fruit their seeds are producing around the world. Consider sowing into the fertile ground of Kingdom Culture International. For more information go to or email us at

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