Culture Clash book series

The Culture Clash series is NOW available!! The subtitle for the first book is Seeing the Invisible, the second book- Doing the Impossible and the third book- Becoming the Invincible. This series is composed of compact, concentrated nuggets of revelation and wisdom that will enable you to see from an apostolic perspective, activate apostolic grace in your life and ultimately accelerate the process of becoming the devil’s worst nightmare!

Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians was that they would receive “the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ.” He knew that all transformation of who we are and what we do starts with how we think and see things. The reality is that the Ephesians already had the Spirit of God living within because they were born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Paul was referring to an impartation of the apostolic grace on his life that could be transferred to the Ephesians even through his letter to them, causing them to see the “fellowship of the mystery.”

He went on to say in Ephesians 4 that God empowers all of us with supernatural grace that enables us to equip others, ultimately causing all of us to become mature. He wanted them to know that they were expected to do something with the revelation they received and that if they were faithful to the process they would become mature, thus enabling them to fulfill their purpose.

It is my prayer that those who read these books will see this same process of “seeing, doing and becoming” stimulated in them by the Holy Spirit.

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