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Kingdom Culture International is a missions-based, non-profit organization that facilitates the advance of God’s Kingdom throughout the nations. This is literally an exchange of earthly culture for heavenly culture, an upgrade from the limitations and bondages of family, religious and territorial influence to the beliefs, practices and priorities of the Kingdom of God. Of course, many elements of earthly culture are morally good and some are simply unique to a particular family or territory, and those are fine. But the dimensions of earthly culture that contradict Kingdom Culture are what are challenged to change so our lives mirror heaven, not the earth. Although many third world countries are recipients of ministry through Kingdom Culture International, many churches, leaders and individuals in the United States have been blessed as well. To learn more about partnering with KCI click here: https://kingdomculture.life/kingdom-culture-partners/


Kingdom Culture Vision

I see the body of Christ entering a season that will require a greater level of connection and cooperation than we have seen in the body of Christ in recent years. The days of competition for a greater market share in the church are over for those who are allowing the Spirit to set divine order in their hearts, lives, relationships and ministries. We’re stepping out of competition into completion, turning  weapons of war that have been used for friendly fire into harvesting tools that can used to reap a harvest of souls into the Kingdom, and ultimately to transform the world around us. God is assembling His army to enforce the victory Jesus already won for us at Calvary. God is assembling His Ecclesia in regions of the earth to welcome Kingdom Culture into the church, thus empowering us to be salt and light in the world around us.

In an effort to expand Kingdom Culture in the lives of leaders and local churches within regions, discernment is needed to differentiate between healthy, unique and detrimental aspects of culture. Healthy aspects of culture should be recognized/celebrated, unique aspects of culture should encouraged/tolerated and detrimental aspects of culture should be exposed/eliminated. Apostolic grace gives access to revelation that differentiates between these attributes of culture, but only divine relationship gives authority to shift church culture into alignment with heaven as people respond appropriately to that revelation.

We Believe That…

  1. God is the source of everything that is made, both visible and invisible.
  2. Mankind was created to be in relationship with God and to rule the visible world (earth) as God rules the invisible world (heaven).
  3. When man chose to disobey the Word of God, sin caused every part of his life, including his environment, to enter into a state of perpetual decay.
  4. Although man attempts to earn favor with God through various religious practices, nothing can take the place of a true relationship with God.
  5. God made it possible for man to have a personal relationship with Himself by becoming a man in the person of Jesus Christ and by taking sin out of the equation. Because Jesus paid mankind’s penalty for sin through His death on the cross, we can receive forgiveness of sins. And because He was raised from the dead, we can receive newness of life, thus being “born again.”
  6. To begin a personal relationship with God, people must recognize their need for God, believe in the redemptive work of Christ, and choose to receive forgiveness of sins and spiritual life from God. This initial encounter with God is accompanied by the reception of God’s Spirit into the spirit of man, making it possible for man to know God for himself.
  7. The Holy Spirit enables believers to hear God’s voice, obey His Word, overcome the effects of sin and minister to others in various ways.  His mission is to transform people into the likeness of Christ so He can be seen through their lives, thus causing others to want to know Him for themselves.
  8. As communication is crucial for any relationship, so the Word of God is vitally important in the lives of people in relationship with God. The Bible contains truths that are exemplified through the lives of many individuals who each had a personal relationship with God in different eras of human existence. Because the Holy Spirit inspired the authors of the Bible to share truth with others, the Holy Spirit is also able to interpret the meaning of God’s Word, helping us to understand truth for ourselves. All of God’s Word is relevant to our lives if we allow the Holy Spirit to apply it to our circumstances.
  9. The church is the institution that God designed to function as a spiritual family on earth, consisting of every person who has a relationship with God. As the family is supposed to be led by parents, so the church is designed to be led by spiritual parents who truly care for those under their supervision. The church, consisting of various spiritual relationships, provides believers with a safe environment to learn more about God, become more like Him, receive encouragement from others and minister to the needs of others as well.  Everyone in relationship with God should eventually discover, develop and fulfill the specific gifts and purpose God has for their lives, both within the church and in the world. This involves the exercise of God-given gifts, which are given to each believer to represent God in a unique way. Not only is the church a family, but it is also an army that is called to overcome everything standing in the way of God’s dominion in the earth.
  10. A well-balanced spiritual life consists of personal time communicating with God, receiving ministry from spiritual leaders, fellowship with other believers (both in community life and in personal relationships), mentoring younger believers, and sharing God’s love and truth with those who don’t know Him yet.
  11. God’s intention for the church at large is to represent Him to the world, extending the influence of heaven throughout the earth. This is only made possible as believers surrender their lives to the will of God on a personal level, allowing God’s kingdom to bring restoration to every area of their lives. Ultimately God will make all things new, bringing total restoration to mankind and to the environment He has called us to rule. The age we live in will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ, at which time we will reign with Him. Until then, Jesus reigns in and through us to the extent that we allow Him to. The role of the church is to walk in ever-increasing dominion in the earth, growing closer to God and ministering life to those who don’t know Him yet.
  12. To sum up what we believe, we borrow from the words of Jesus which refer to the two greatest commandments of all:  “love God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.”

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