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From Regional Alignment to Regional Transformation

The mission of the church in each region of the earth is to blanket their territory with the culture of heaven. But in the words of Jesus, “every kingdom divided against is brought to desolation.” A lack of relational unity in the church dwarfs our ability to fulfill our mandate to bring heaven to earth. The apostle Paul and his apostolic company, however, became known as those who “turned the world upside down.” They transformed region after region because they functioned as one in family culture, in Kingdom protocol and in a militant cohesion to confront and dismantle regional strongholds, paving the way for Kingdom culture to take root in each territory.

Jesus also prayed “…that they all may be one, as You Father are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us; that the world may believe that You sent Me.” There’s something about the power of unity that causes Kingdom momentum to increase in regions, not only to overthrow the dominion of principalities, but to take the spoils of war, winning many people to the Lord.

In this video course, I interview 17 apostolic leaders from around the US and Australia, some of which are apostolic generals, some of which are mature apostolic leaders and yet others who are emerging apostles, all of which are engaging their region from the standpoint of regional alignment that leads to regional transformation. This course is an absolute must for church leaders, who tend to get tunnel visioned by the demands of their ministry to the point where they are oblivious to what God is doing in the region. The time has come for us to connect relationally and cooperate together to advance the Kingdom beyond the 4 walls of our churches. It’s time to change the world!

Speakers include Bo Salisbury, Mark Kauffman, Stephen Garner, Becca Greenwood, Chris Taylor, John Kelly, Ron King, John Polis, John Alley, Wayland Henderson, Jim Kilmartin, Mark Pfeifer, Eddie Maestas, David Balestri, David Hoskins, Greg Crawford, Janet Douglas & Sean Smith.

To purchase this 20 hour course for a special price of only $100, go to https://kingdomculture.life/store/Regional-Alignment-to-Regional-Transformation-Video-files-p496004448

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