Kingdom Culture Exchange

Kingdom Culture Exchange is a leadership network based in the USA that consists of both five-fold and marketplace leaders around the world who through spiritual community have engaged in diverse Kingdom relationships that enhance who they are as people, increase their leadership capacity and exponentially accelerate Kingdom influence in their assignments.  Kingdom diversity within KCE includes people of both genders, various ethnicities, ages and spiritual callings, as well as different levels of spiritual maturity. Relationships within the network include fathering, mentoring and peer level fellowship depending on how God develops relationships between its members based on spiritual and ministerial maturity.  

     The purpose of this network is to help facilitate the ongoing exchange of earthly limitations for heavenly possibilities, upgrading our beliefs, practices and priorities to reflect the culture of heaven in our lives, businesses and ministries.  This means continually learning and growing through a personal relationship with God and through culturally diverse relationships. The goal is to see the ever-increasing Kingdom of God unfold in our lives so we can become all we’re called to be and ultimately to fulfill our assignments. 

     Bo Salisbury is the founder of KCE, but he is not the only mature leader at the helm of its leadership. Bo provides apostolic oversight but multiple leaders walk together and exchange divine grace as situations call for different leaders to function based on their expertise.  This is not a typical apostolic network hinging on the giftedness of one leader.  KCE incorporates a culture of family, placing a premium on the personal growth and responsibility of each member, ultimately fostering an environment for forward movement in God-given vision by providing tools to manifest Kingdom culture in every part of life and ministry.  

     If you are a five-fold or marketplace leader and need a stronger source of relational encouragement and accountability, and this network and its leadership resonates with you, pray about whether this is something God is leading you to engage with.  At KCE we believe that authentic relationship is the foundation for healthy ministry and for this reason we don’t take applications for membership. Relationship is the rite of passage.  

     The goal isn’t to grow for growth sake.  We want to make sure that God is adding people to KCE so we can exchange divine grace and together impact regions for the glory of God.  If it’s a God thing and not just a good thing, the Holy Spirit will make this clear to both of us.  Divine synergy is released in our lives and ministries as we discover and develop the divine relationships God has in mind for us.  This takes humility to recognize, obedience to connect and commitment to follow through when it’s not easy.  

     If you would like to become more acquainted with Bo Salisbury and KCE, you can visit the website at, follow Bo on social media, avail yourself to Kingdom Culture Media products and attend other live ministry events where Bo is speaking.  And if you believe God is speaking to you about joining KCE let us know. We would be happy to explore this divine possibility with you!  For more information email us at 

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