Kingdom Culture 2020

 Make your plans now to be with us for this epic conference!  We have a great lineup of authentic apostolic speakers as well as pure prophetic praise & worship leaders who will lead us into intimacy with the Father and more authentic relationships with those God has connected us with for Kingdom purpose.  Kingdom Culture welcome us in the presence of the Father at all times and creates a freedom to engage in relationships that are birthed and nurtured by divine love.  But sometimes our less-than-perfect experiences on earth make it difficult to enter into the authenticity that is at our disposal. 
     Some spiritual fathers and mothers have been scarred themselves, and without receiving the healing they need, sometimes end up hurting sons and daughters unknowingly.  Some sons and daughters have suffered spiritual abuse and until they are healed, find it difficult to trust those in positions of authority to fully speak into their lives.  Simply put, hurt people hurt people, whether they intend to or not.  And those who are hurt have difficulty receiving the help they need. 
     But God is restoring the hearts of fathers/mothers and the hearts of sons/daughters, as well as connecting and developing genuine relationships where love refuses to allow fear to interfere with Kingdom advancement.  And we need to be intentional about pursuing wholeness in our own hearts as well as become a part of the restorative process in the lives of others. Regardless of your role in the body of Christ, you have a responsibility to represent the Father through your leadership capacity in the lives of others and to live honorably as a son/daughter in relationship to those over you in the Lord.  And you need to guard your heart so you’re not easily offended, especially so you don’t release toxin in your own heart into the lives of others. 
     I believe some incredible things are going to take place in this conference relating to these very things and more.  Healing takes time and trust is rebuilt through a process.  But times like these can accelerate this process and also better prepare us all to be His hands and feet, bringing healing in the hearts of those God connects us with!  Personally, I know what it’s like to be hurt, to unintentionally hurt others because of my unresolved pain and to be healed.  And my prayer is that God will restore our hearts, connect us in more meaningful relationships and that ultimately His Kingdom will advance through us to the glory of the Father!    

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