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Kingdom Culture 2023: Revival in the Midst of Ruins

Make plans to join us for Kingdom Culture 2023! This is our 5th annual conference located in northern Ohio and promises to be a pivotal gathering as we focus on what God is doing in the midst of a chaotic world all around us. Light and Darkness have never been more polarized in our lifetime as a spiritual war is being waged in the heavenlies, and we’re seeing the consequences in our culture. But the opportunity to advance the Kingdom has also never been greater! The harvest is ripe because people are looking for answers in a world spinning out of control. Now is the time to reap the harvest! Now is the time to build what God has assigned us to build in our generation: an ark of safety when there’s destruction all around us. Now is the time to bring Kingdom influence to every part of the marketplace. Light dispels darkness, not the other way around!

This year’s gathering will be located in Canton, Ohio and features a number of great apostolic voices from the Ohio Valley and beyond. This conference isn’t advertised as a leadership gathering per se, but we’ve seen leaders from as many as 19 states and other nations convene for Kingdom Culture. God truly is gathering, connecting, equipping and encouraging His Kingdom-minded people in these days for Kingdom exploits that we can only accomplish together. You will undoubtedly be refreshed in His presence, edified by the ministry, enlightened by revelation and enriched by healthy fellowship and new relationships.

I am hosting this conference along with Dana Gammill, senior pastor of Cathedral of Life Church. Other speakers include Mark Pfeifer, Les Bowling, Ron King, David Hoskins and more. Registration is free at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kingdom-culture-2023-revival-in-the-midst-of-ruins-tickets-661687604437 Come expecting a powerful time in the Lord and bring someone with you!!

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