Kingdom Culture 2022: Authentic & Effective Spiritual Warfare

The theme of Kingdom Culture 2022, Authentic & Effective Spiritual Warfare, was right on point! The earth is crying out for the manifestation of the sons of God. That’s because we’ve been given heaven’s solutions to earth’s problems. But there is a host of demonic adversaries who are standing in the way. Truthfully, they’ve already been defeated through the blood Jesus shed on Calvary, but we’ve been deputized to enforce that victory everywhere we go.  Satan and his demons are squatting on the land we’ve been given for our inheritance, attempting to hinder our dominion mandate in the earth by resisting being put in their place, which is under our…

Wonderful song demo

Check out this remastered release of an instrumental song that was on the Prophetic Jazz cd. To hear a demo click here: To purchase this song for $1.99 click here:

Mission of the Church

This foundational course is designed to give you a strong Kingdom paradigm to understand the church, including its history, present condition and future glory, and how you fit into the bigger picture of what is unfolding. With over 20 hours of solid biblical teaching, Mission of the Church will strengthen your confidence in what God is doing within the church to prepare us for what He wants to do through the church: turn the world upside down! To purchase this dynamic leadership course click here:


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